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Digital Decisioning Platform: Automate Decisions?
It’s time to move beyond navigating through multiple apps and piles of data and reports to a SINGLE PLATFORM. Leaping from the traditional understanding of technology and without getting caught in the jumble of fuzzy sounding, loosely used terms. A Digital Decisioning Platform brings together Business Process Automation, Business Rules Management, and Advanced Intelligence. 
A shift from process to decision is the way forward.
Businesses rely on processes which are structured and fixed while human behavior is ever changing, dynamic and varied. 
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How does a static process respond to this? 
All business processes generate huge quantum of data that is essential to business decisions. With constant changes in the external world most of business decisions falter as they are based on data that has become inaccurate at that point of time. 
Organizations need to have their brain and central nervous system networked to operationalize data-driven decisions. 

To put it simply, Digital Decisioning Platform (DDP) is an interplay of insight and automation.

It helps you automate all decisions by running all possible data through a central decision logic supported by augmented insights

Combining the paradigm (regulations and experiences) of businesses with the intelligence of technology (artificial intelligence and machine learning), DDPs serves quality, efficient output and effort in real time. Let’s understand and adapt to the dynamic business environment and stay ahead of the curve!
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Utilize DDP to model operational decisions and create digital assets, reduce risks. 
An intelligent technology Decisioning Platform that works on multiple data sets facilitating decisioning as well as creating and updating a unique profile of a customer to allow for hyper-targeting of customers.
Reserve Bank of India (RBI) and the Government of India (GoI) has been pushing for banking with the unbanked through financial inclusion and Fintechs are a quick response to that.
But with frugal and scattered credit history, a high demand for small loans, growing internet and digital penetration, AI and ML offer a beacon of hope.
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The intelligent system goes beyond the standard financial information of the customer to measure their credit-worthiness. It generates scores by using institutional and individual data in the form of turnover, online purchases and social media activity. For targeting MSME’s in the rural areas to deciding upon loans their limits, rates, and credit periods can be done through AI and ML. 

Building customer credit profiles through unstructured data sources like tax statements, financial statements and cash flows is possible and the way ahead.   
Using Digital Decisioning Platforms (DPP) financial institutions banks can save millions of rupees by lowering the cost of new customer acquisition, reducing customer churning and default rates. What makes it more interesting is its adaptive feature - every new information fed into the system helps it to learn, get smarter and more intelligent for the next decision. 
A few other benefits of DDP for banks, Fintechs and other lending institutions are the following: 

Breaking the language barrier

Using location and space data

Making the most of voice-based data

Eliminating mediators

It’s time to move towards open banking.
Bank Statement Parser
'Facilitate' by 'Drawing Out'. The word Qanat comes from Middle East Asia and it means 'a gently sloping underground channel or tunnel constructed to lead water from the interior of a hill to a village below.' 
Our bank statement parsing product, Qanat, is that channel that will excavate/reveal the treasures hidden in the piles of data that so many promising companies in the Fintech sector have. 
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'Qanat' is an intelligent tool which when applied to bank statements helps the user to create rich customer profiles and then hyper-target.

It cracks the information silos to fuse in for analyse various different heads of information and then synergies to bring out an in-depth customer profile.

It works by consolidating the financial information of the customer with the demographic and sociographic information.

Customer Acquisition
Ad Server
Working on the principle of 'Spotlight', this product is designed to help you aim and reach that target group more accurately and sharply.

To put simply, you hyper-target with a sharper identification!
How do you design the Spotlight to hyper-target customers? 
The Ad Server is founded on the principle of 'Totality'.
This product rests on 2  other T's
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Know your customer's preferences intimately - their behaviour, preferences, attitude and likings. Ad Server helps you do this!!


Reach a customer at the

Know-how of Decision Making: The icing on the cake is having the know-how of the customer's decision-making process.
This means you know exactly how the customer thinks. That's when you customize your communication. Ad Server helps you do this!! 


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